Things I need to remember when switching Laptops

2012-10-09 17:45:05 by ZaneZansorrow

If you haven't know already, my personal laptop kind of broke and I've been switching back and forth with my brother and sister laptop in order to draw. Now I've always forgot about websites that I could use for reference but the name of the website slip my mind. Sooooo I'm going to post links of those websites here as a reminder. It be cool if you guys also has some websites names that I can use too for future reference.

Ctrl+paint : best photoshop art tut

FZD School of Design : I enjoy listening to this guy's input on the concept art world

Imagine FX : I enjoy watching these professional artists work being done real time : A tutorial website containing varied tuts, separated with a free tut and a premium tut though.

Posemaniac : For all those poses that I might need to draw

Lovecastle : Real models photos use for reference

Pixelovely : It's like lovecastle but in a different format.

Mayang's free texture : Really high res textures, but don't want to download too much or else you'll get ban

CG Textures: Another texture website

Gamut mask tool : For setting up a good color harmony

Color Scheme Designer : It designs Color schemes

Timer-tab : If I want to time myself speedpainting

Anatomical alert: A person's tumblr that has a ton of tutorials relating to anatomy and all sorts.

Anatomyrefs: Another tumblr that has tutorials on the anatomy and all sorts.

Corel Painter for Aspiring Artist: A vid on a seminar on corel painter.

My Favourite DA tuts : Because I'm lazy to click twice : Not art related but it does have a playlist with all sorts of Video game music!

Things I need to remember when switching Laptops


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2012-10-12 11:44:31

have you ever heard of pixel lovely?
It's an online psuedo gesture drawing site.
Pretty helpful! igure-drawing/

ZaneZansorrow responds:

It's like lovecastle but in a different format :3


2012-11-08 00:53:02

Hey this is a really great list you've made


totally gonna look through all of these =D

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Glad you enjoy the list :)