North or Central Vietnam

2012-12-04 01:56:51 by ZaneZansorrow

I'm currently staying at an Uncle and Aunt's place in Vietnam. They have internet there and I'll be posting photos from my trip in Vietnam in my Facebook. I'll be staying there for 6 more days and then I'll be heading back South.

Be warned, I took a shit ton of pictures, and alot of them are pretty crappy.

Vietnam, a beautiful but yet sometime pitiful place. I've seen things that looks pretty sad but I've seen things that's pretty crazy and awesome.

I went from Georgia in America to Korea then to Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh City is where I landed in my Flight. When I arrived there, there was a shit ton of people outside. I later find out that they were waiting outside for some sort of korean boy band that arriving in that airport apparently.

It was night when I arrived, I went in a car (I'm not good at naming cars so I go with calling it a van) I was kind of freaked by seeing so many motorcycles and the fact that the car I was in honk the living shit out of them. I was also even more freaked at how close we were at running motorcyclists over with the car. I look at the slums of Vietnam that night, many people was outside, I even saw a kid sleeping on grass under a palm tree that is in the middle of the road :/

I eventually got on a boat, that carry vehicles. While I was on the boat, that youtube song keep popping in my head "I'm on a boat, I'm on a boat, I'm on a motherfucking boat". Eventually we sail across and got back in the car. I was in the country side of Vietnam, the South. I eventually reach my destination, I was kind of nervous when that big car is on that tiny road that looks like that only enough room for 2 people.

When I reach my destination, I lived off my first week in the Southern Country Side of Vietnam in a rice field farmhouse.

I'll talk about my week there when I have time, post comments, I love to hear what you guys think so far.


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2012-12-04 02:03:20

Interesting. Are the North and South Vietnamese still angry with each other?

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Nah, the North look like a Las Vegas while the south look like a Georgia.


2012-12-04 02:34:49

Thanks for posting your experiences here, and so eloquently as well.
Yeah, they really need to design longer, not wider vehicles there. Very high mortality rate on them roads, city or country. Is there a crop of rice in? Fascinated by water farming.

ZaneZansorrow responds:

I'm really not sure but I can tell you this.

The rice field look kinda like this otos-ak-ash3/559040_4576213542945 84_1600757994_n.jpg otos-ak-ash4/319579_4576221242945 07_658974988_n.jpg

Though your pre rice will sometime have animals over it otos-ak-ash3/533880_4576180576282 47_1002402300_n.jpg otos-ak-ash3/67867_45761850429486 9_1623952896_n.jpg

The rice will be neatly organize and brush up before turning white by this old guy, his name is "Y" :3 otos-ak-prn1/44964_45762728096065 8_2040411068_n.jpg

and I dunno what happens after that. The rice here are cooked pretty mushy, I don't like it that much.

Fun fact, rice fields can host graveyards otos-ak-prn1/18240_45762398096098 8_971249307_n.jpg otos-ak-ash4/306027_4576239709609 89_1475730539_n.jpg

and shrines, I can't really tell the 2 apart very easily sometime. I think I remember seeing somebody cooking something on top of a gravestone, then again it could be incense candles, but I swore I saw a frying pan.