Back Home in America...

2012-12-26 14:39:43 by ZaneZansorrow

and I puke too :D

Many things happened while I was gone; a new big flat screen TV (not impressively, my mom gave away my Tankman figurine >:3, and a random house that is around my neighborhood is burned down.

Now I feel sleepy, the plane rides always suck.


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2012-12-27 03:06:35

Just re-read your previous post, to remind myself ours (Western culture) isn't the only civilization going. That kind of perspective is what kept America great, but our decadence and lack of accountability (mostly at the top of the financial spectrum), has made us vulnerable.

What got you sick? Maybe you carried something aboard, then got pressurized in an enclosed environment, had to sit with a 100 strangers, breathing the same air and sitting for hours on end.... folks used to take turns pacing the isles for a bit, but no more than 3-4 laps, otherwise it's hogging time for others (and boring the seated passengers of a new element in the parade:)

ZaneZansorrow responds:

A flight trip between America and Asia takes up to nearly a day to arrive. Plus given how I can't really sleep that easily on those plane seats, I felt like crap. During the landing, it was extra frightening this time, the plane U-turn to land and it felt my body flying up and pressing down in the airplane. After leaving the airport, the person who drove me home kind of suck at gradually slowing and braking, he brakes too harshly from every stop and turn, so I receive pretty bad car sickness from that crappy driver. Finally to top it off, when adapting to American air again, I went into my house and somebody was cooking something crappy, so I can't keep my aiplane food down (which isn't alot because airplane food sucks).