Got a New Tablet: Intuos5 Small

2013-01-15 18:00:02 by ZaneZansorrow

Used to use a Wacom Bamboo fun pen and touch but the usb wire got worn out and broke. It was a mighty fine warrior and I will forever remember its glory in battle! Equip with the Newgrounds Sticker, it was the tablet that Tom Fulp gave me for free during back when I was a growing artist (and was using the laptop trackpad to draw). I still haven't drawn a thank you art for Tom yet because I'm still not fully happy with my current art skill level (plus I still haven't fully decided what to draw as a thank you, gotta remember to get to that in the future). The bamboo now rest in its coffin (box), resting in peace for its well fought battles....

Now I got around getting some money and bought a Intuos5 Small. The improvements it has over the bamboo is alot of features and extras!

- 6 buttons instead of 4 to customize and keybind.
- A Touch Ring with a button to with between 4 modes (all can be customize). The rings work by touching it and moving your finger clock-wise or counter clock-wise on it. The clock-wise and counter clock-wise motion can be keybind (works well with changing brush sizes, changing the hardness and softness of the brush in photoshop, to zoom, to scroll, and to rotate.
-Another new feature is the radial menu, set it on one of the buttons and when you use it it'll bring out a menu that you can customize or key bind. It can even have sub folders, so the use of this is pretty endless.
-In the Wacom Properties, there a setting where your wacom keybinds and setting can be different depending on what application you're on. I have a different setting when I browse and use photoshop.
-There is also a wireless mode, but you have to buy it separately, it cost about $40.
-You can adjust your pressure sensitivity with a graph or adjust it using the sliders.
-The usb cable wire can detachable! :D

- Drawing space is slightly smaller then the Bamboo, though it doesn't bother me much. I tried to see if I can go over the boundary but it didn't go over, it is where that border label there is.
-The pen button where I previously customize my brush size with cannot be hold down to gradually increase or decrease the size, I have to press it repeatedly.
-The Art program bundle they offer was free trials that last about 3 months, while the Bamboo Art program bundle had full versions of the Art programs. Intuos5 offer photoshop element 11 (not sure that you can even draw in it, so far I've only find photo edits stuff), animestudio(didn't look at the standard version but the beginner version look dumb as hell), sketchbookexpress2011(couldn't even install this one because my laptop warns me that it will risk some sort of damage), corel painter 12 (takes forever to load up, longer then how I load up the previous corel painter, I don't really use corel painter so I have no comment), and a color effect thingy mcjigger (not sure anyone even use this, I sure didn't use the version that came with the bamboo). The Bamboo offer a full version of photoshop element 7(it has less features then my photoshop cs3 so I didn't bother t use it) and corel painter ( no comment, I'm not much of a corel painter artist) that lame filter effect thingy mcjigger.
-The intuos5 comes with a pen holder that contains nibs (which is awesome) but in exchange the pen holder on the side of the tablet is gone. (I like that pen holder strap so I calling that a con)
-I have to pay extra for a wireless kit (I'm cheap, what you expect)

What I Key Bind:
-alt for color sampling
-shift for straight lines
-pan/scrolling because it's convenient when you suddenly scroll somewhere when drawing.
-flip the image horizontally ( had to keybind in photoshop's shortcut for this one plus it only flip the image that's in the layer or folder you highlighted) because about
all artist need to double check their work to see if the image looks right, flipping the image can help you realized that and now with a press of a button, you can keep up with making it appear right constantly.
-setting, if I came across something that makes me want to edit my tablet a bit, it's convenient to go straight tp properties this way. (though you can replace this with the radial menu)
-radial menu because it's ultra convenient when you're being extra lazy.
-I still have my pen button set with brush size changes because of habit, though I am practicing using my ring to adjust the brush size whenever i can.
-remove the press down right click feature because it's annoying, you can do this by going to control panel> hardware and sound>pen and touch, you can figure the rest out.
-a right click button (choosing between setting and radial menu, it's more convenient having radial menu).

Radial menu:
-leaving everything as default but removing display toggle and capture window
-replace them with 2 sub menu
-duplicate layer (v)
-merge layer (too lazy to right click a layer to merge it)
-play/pause music
-new image
-save image as
-open image
-copy merge (this copy the entire image as a whole without copying it on the layer)
-file info (to see how long I've been working on the image)
-still thinking what more to add


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