Duck Herding

2013-03-24 21:49:56 by ZaneZansorrow

I recorded a lot of ducks waddling.


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2013-03-25 03:14:56

That was really cool! I wish we could do that with Canadian geese here, but they have such a pissy attitude! Was that field just a shortcut, or was there something left behind in the field to eat?
I feel like I learned something today, hoorah!

ZaneZansorrow responds:

It really is cool (plus stinky) looking at all those ducks herded. though i was surprise the parade disbanded and wonder about in the field, it was still being herded. I guess ducks like eating premature form rice.


2013-04-02 16:27:43

hot damn thats a lot of ducks

ZaneZansorrow responds:

They even duck blocks roads :3