1-2-3 Fans!

2013-04-02 20:51:03 by ZaneZansorrow

I never expected to see the day when I finally hit 3 fans! WOOOOOOOT!

And for that, I thank you 3.

As a reward, I present you a pig being cut open while I was eating.

Oh and a very cute puppy along with it.


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2013-04-03 00:21:01

Good looking pig! Were the intestines and other bits used for anything? We used to boil and stretch, stretch and boil the intestines for sausage casings, back in the day. Don't suppose you'd pickle the pig's feet?

(Updated ) ZaneZansorrow responds:

I'm guessing it was used for alot of things, one of them I'm guessing was a bread dipping soup.


2013-04-03 18:32:34

It's 122??

ZaneZansorrow responds:

my counting sucks


2013-04-04 12:50:27

Congrats! Though it doesn't look like 123 anymore... must've been the pig. :P

ZaneZansorrow responds:



2013-04-05 13:43:55

that pig looks delicious

ZaneZansorrow responds:

The guy thumbing up at the end look delicious.


2013-04-05 14:38:42

No you are not. I unfaved you because of this prank. Ha ha! (don't worry, I faved back)

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Oh you :3


2013-04-05 15:57:10

Looks like 123 again... must've been the pig. :P

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Hell yeah ;D