Working at a Toilet Company

2013-05-18 22:28:04 by ZaneZansorrow

Work at a assembly line that place the clay tanks on to clay toilets. Gotta work to earn money .


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2013-05-19 00:07:29

Do your best to stay above the clockwork monotony... never too happy or sad, just keep an even metal strain. The inside ring is the hardest to produce... and the first thing to clog up and fail :|
How's the ventilation? Does it smell bad? 40 hours a week?

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Doesn't stink, I'm working with clay after all.


2013-05-19 03:01:59

As have I. I guess I meant the paint they use, but if you're just in the casting process, everything's cool. You know, all clay naturally has small amounts of radiation, right? There's so much around where I live, it can seep up into homes, and into water in slightly larger amounts... they call the gas Radon.
How are the people there, is it a nice place to work so far?

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Yeah I'm at the the casting process, lucky enough i think I'm at the easiest position (from what I've been told) The people are nice and interesting though I still don't really like the work.


2013-05-19 15:18:44

At least the job will grant you the scope (the ability) to be happy, while not at work.
I really get a kick out of seeing old toilets (Eastern US, original 13 colonies) that are still in use. Sure they waste water, but after a 100 years, they still work and look great! I hope the ones you're making, will last a few lifetimes!

ZaneZansorrow responds:

That sounds longer then my lifetime! D:


2013-05-19 16:30:57

So you are going to draw toilets?

ZaneZansorrow responds:



2013-05-21 11:38:53

Thank you for your dedication, a life without toilets would be... shit!

ZaneZansorrow responds: