Beaten Dark Souls 2

2014-03-30 11:22:35 by ZaneZansorrow

Finally beaten the game..... but I'm missing so much bonfires that I haven't discovered, so many locked doors left unopen without a key, 2 more tree giants who memories I haven't explore, haven't seen Creighton getting his revenge on Pate, haven't figure out what Pate is talking about in the Earthen Peak (especially with a door that I cannot open from that side), can't decide whether or not to kill the map guy for that guy who want npc to be killed, and I am tempted to kill the half man and half scorpian thing, that really big dragon, and even the King at his Crypt (though I kinda feel bad for him, I'm still very tempted). This is not over!




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2014-03-30 11:26:59



2014-03-31 08:03:43

I haven't even started with Dark Souls 1 for those "feel bad for him but i have to kill him" situations, and also the grinding for a story...

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Play it! Get confuse! Then youtube its' lore! Then play Dark Soul 2!


2014-03-31 11:09:54

But the lore is so damn extent, and each youtuber has its own damn crazy theory! (but that makes it kinda interesting), sure i am planning on playing it, i just don't know when XD.

ZaneZansorrow responds:

when u do play it, be careful on not doing anything regretful, like how i did during my first playthrough xD


2014-03-31 16:28:30

Like killing something i was not supposed to kill, wasting an item, or misusing a soul? yeah i fear doing that and i haven't even started! i wonder if playing it using the wiki would feel cheap?

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Yeah those, but that what made my first play so memorable ;D

I used the wiki eventually and still screw up most of the time during the game xD

Still cheap, but I will say this, once you know you're at the final boss, before you kill him, wiki every secrets in the game.


2014-04-01 02:30:32

Before i go to fight with Gwyn? isn't the trick way before that? i remember reading this theory about those ugly serpents lying to you and there not being an actual prophesy at all, and it practically says that you are just being used as a tool for the serpents to get Gwyn killed...

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Who knows, but the serpent is what brings you to Gwyn, and you have to kill him to beat the game. Once you kill him you start the game over with a second play through, which means playing the game all over again...but in a much harder difficulty. You still keep your stuff though.


2014-04-01 16:18:51

Oh man what a pain, however there are 2 serpents, which ones tells the truth? (in your opinion of course)

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Not sure what to say on which one tell the truth. The serpent I met let me feed stuff to him in exchange for souls. He said I was chosen.....then I lit a bonfire and read online that I burn to death :/

While on the other hand, (from what I read online) that there a abyss serpent that aim to make you a dark lord and at the end you can be a dark lord which sounds kinda badass :P


2014-04-02 01:58:09

Yeah that's the one the other Serpent situated in the abyss, he tells you a totally different story that just makes everything you know look like one big lie!